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An old idea that has matured over time

WebDelphes is a performance visualization tool. The initial idea dates from 2007/2008, at the time I was working for Oracle France and wanted a connected tool to see what was happening in the databases from the new tool integrated into them: AWR (Automatic Workload Repository). Such a visualization interface already existed at Oracle, SPPyW (StatsPack Python vieWer), developed in France and available to Oracle consultants. SPPyW exists today as a docker image and has been renamed Kairos.

So I wanted a tool connected to the basics and compatible with both the old StatsPack (like SPPYW) and the new AWR. Oracle tried to answer the question but the mercantile policy of the company left StatsPack aside and gave a visualization (very disappointing by the way) for the only data coming from AWR and ASH (Active Session History).

From 2008 and until 2015 I worked for an expertise service, one of whose members had developed an interface in pure SQL that partially met my expectations: Delphe. The reports were generated in HTML, but, and this is the problem, it was not dynamic. However, Delphe was very complete, the name WebDelphes pays homage to it.

The company in which I worked then decided, on my proposal, to invest in a new tool: Lighty for Oracle which met nearly 80% of my expectations. So I left aside my development project. Unfortunately Lighty for Oracle has been sold to a SSII which lets it slowly die today.

A development on free time, so very long

For a few years, in my spare time, on weekends, in the evening and sometimes to the chagrin of my wife, I have been developing the tool I need. It is still under development today but I hope to be able to make it available in a Beta version soon (understand before 2025) but you can already see some images of it on this site.

My ambitions have overflowed a little from Oracle and I wish, at least, to be able to attack the PostGreSQL databases with the tool before presenting it. But delaying its release also means experiencing the obsolescence of the tools I use in my development (the beauty of free software also lies somewhat in its ephemeral side). And I’m using B-Ash by Marcus Mönnig which hasn’t evolved that much in recent years and crossfilter.js which also lived without mentioning dc.js (dimensional charting) stalled too.

See you soon, I hope, for the distribution of the Alpha or Beta version of WebDelphes

If you are of good will and the project interests you, do not hesitate to let me know on the forum (which requires registration). I will contact you, maybe not immediately, but I will.

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